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Productive Process

Barbara Di Davide Artigiani

100% Made in Italy. is what we want to guarantee to our customers. To achieve it, Barbara Di Davide takes great care with the production process that generate added value.
The first phase of the choice of raw materials: its importance is very high, as it is the character of the products and the qualitative perception. Subsequently, the raw cashmere flake is subjected to the dyeing process. The selection of colors is fundamental to the raw material, because it allows touch to the emotional side of costumers. Then the spinning phase takes place, which leads to the production of cashmere yarn used for the production of Barbara Di Davide articles. The wire is preserved in cones.

Simultaneously with the phases described so far, the BDD team proceeds with the development of the collection, in coherence with the values of the brand. Each new model must be characterized by a sporty elegance, untying itself from current fashion trends.
The artisans and laboratories Their experience in the production process and continuous comparison allows them to be at the forefront of the production process.
Finally, the desire to tell our story behind our articles has led directly to the sale of our cashmere knitwear.

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